Teaching Cleveland
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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 27

Hiram House: Neighbor to All


To acquaint students with the conditions among the people, who were served by the Hiram House Settlement.



Associated Charities, Hebrew Relief, drone, dank, workhouse, Lancaster, Irving Gang, "Gookeys"


  1. What were the general living conditions and family life like among the people served by Hiram House?
  2. What programs were administered by Hiram House in an effort to combat some of these problems?
  3. How did Hiram House attempt to deal with the gang problem?


  1. Have the students read the selection and complete the reading worksheet.
  2. The teacher might want to have the students read the reading selection from the lesson entitled, "The Zuckey Gang." before or after they complete this activity.
  3. One of the aims of the proponents of the Social Gospel was the elimination of poverty. Have the students in the class devise a plan to eliminate poverty.

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