Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 26

Handout 4 - Tough, yes, but Good Men Lived in Haymarket

Reading Worksheet


Use the information in the reading to help you complete the matching exercise below. Write the letter of the answer of your choice in the space provided to the left.

Section A

_____1. "the hill" _____9. William F. Newcomb
_____2. Alfred Henry Lewis _____10. "Mayor of Haymarket"
_____3. "the White Way" _____11. Leslie's History
_____4. Ed J. Hanratty _____12. "Smoketown"
_____5. "Gypsy George" _____13. "Blinkey" Morgan
_____6. Wren House _____14. Henry Brunner
_____7. Tom Oakes _____15. Charles McGill
_____8. Hurdy-gurdy men _____16. Father John Moran

Section B

a. Contains one of the few descriptions of the Haymarket area.
b. name given to Cleveland in the book, "Field Notes of a Reformer."
c. Sheriff and former councilman of the Haymarket area.
d. policeman famed for his bravery in the Haymarket.
e. Boarding house run by English woman.
f. English businessman who ran the London House and bet on horses.
g. Last man to be hanged in the county jail on Public Square.
h. Italian musicmen
j. Irish priest from St. Bridget's Church.
k. killed a man by hitting him in the head with a railroad coupling pin.
l. ran a saloon which featured violin music and dancing.
m. East 9th Street
n. Jimmy McGinty, councilman for the 9th Ward.
o. Police prosecutor who wrote fiction based on the people and events of the Haymarket.
p. name given to the Haymarket area by farmers.
q. Factory owner who frequently emptied his pockets to pay his workers.

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