Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 24

Handout 5

Coming to America
Student Activity Sheet

Use the handouts to help you answer the questions below:

  1. Look at the advertisements in Handout 1. What was the final destination of these ships in America?

    How do you think the immigrants continued their journey on to Cleveland?

    Where did these steamship line originate in Europe?

  2. Look at Handouts 2 and 3. These are outward ticket orders leaving the U.S. and returning to Europe.

    Who was the agent who sold the tickets?

    What did Anton Nisler's passage cost him?

    On what ship was he sailing?

    To where was Maryanna Biegacki returning?

    Who was accompanying her?

    What did it cost her for her journey?

    What was the destination of Mr. Matejanowski in Europe?

    How much did his journey cost him?

    On what ship was Mr. Matejanowski traveling?

    What was the destination of Mr. Krusewski?

    What did his journey cost him?

    With whom was Mr. Krusewski traveling?

    On what ship was he traveling?

  3. Look at Handout 4.

    For whom did Mr. Lamke purchase tickets?

    Why do you think Mr.Lamke left these relatives behind in Europe?

    How were these immigrants going to be transported to Cleveland from New York?

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