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Lesson 18

Handout 2

"Butcher, Baker, and Stogiemaker"
Student Activity Sheet


During the last part of the 19th century, the social workers at the Hiram House Settlement, surveyed the neighborhood served by the settlement, in order to obtain information about the jobs held by the residents. Social workers and volunteers canvassed the neighborhood, visiting each house and tenement, and recording the names of the residents and their occupations. This information was complied in lists by street. These lists have been preserved so that people today are able to learn what the area was like during this time.

You have been given samples of these lists. Use the information on the list to answer the questions below.

  1. This information was gathered from a list for ___________________________ Street.
  2. _______________ number of dwellings were surveyed on this street.
  3. ______________people were surveyed.
  4. There are ______________ (number) different occupations on this street.
  5. ____________(number) of these occupations are services.
  6. ____________(number) of these occupations involve specialized crafts.
  7. ____________(number ) of these occupations involve making a type of clothing.
    There are ______dressmakers/seamstresses.
    There are ______tailors.
    There are ______milliners/hat makers
    There are ______ shoemakers.
  8. There are _______peddlers. What do you think a peddler did?
  9. How many people have jobs in the building trades?
    Give an example.
  10. How many of the residents were clerks or salesmen?
  11. Which occupations no longer exist? Why?
  12. Which occupation did you feel was the most unusual? Why?

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