Teaching Cleveland
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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 15

Women in the Workplace, 1846


To familiarize the student with the feeling of women regarding their position in the workplace and the reaction of the establishment to this feeling. To compare the working life of a woman in mid-nineteenth century Cleveland, with that of today.



ten hour system


  1. What two issues did Susan want to raise?
  2. What did the reply mean by "he who finds the most fault is generally the biggest fool?"


  1. After reading the letter and the reply, have the students complete one or more of the following activities.
  2. Have students write a letter to the editor of the Cleveland Herald, either in support of or in opposition to Susan's letter or the newspaper's reply.
  3. Debate the following resolution, Men and women should receive equal pay for equal work.
  4. Research the women's rights reform movement in Cleveland during the 1840s.

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