Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 14

Handout 6 - Men in the Workplace, the Papers of Zalman Fitch

Directions: Use the information contained in the four documents from the papers of Zalman Fitch to complete the questions below.

Part 1.

  1. Mr. Pattinson provided 364 " of lead pipe to Mr. Fitch. How many feet did he need?

  2. Why do you think solder was so expensive?

  3. The wages for Mr. Pattinson and his help came to $18.00 for 4 1/2 days work. If they worked a ten hour day, what were they paid per hour?

  4. The wages for the laborers was $3.75 for 3 days. If they worked a ten hour day, what were they paid per day? per hour?

Part 2.

  1. Mr. Fitch received a guarantee from Mr. Smith for what type of work ?

Part 3.

  1. How many pounds of corn fodder did Mr. Fow provide to Mr. Fitch? What was the average price per pound?

  2. Mr. Fow sold Mr. Fitch 20 bushels of potatoes for $10.00. What was the price per bushel? Mr. Fow sold Mr. Fitch potatoes on two other occasions. Using the price per bushel from above, figure out how many additional bushels Mr. Fitch bought from Mr. Fow.

  3. Mr. Fow sold Mr. Fitch one ton and 84 pounds of hay for $7.54. What was the price per pound for the hay?

  4. Mr. Fitch received a credit for bricks. What was credit per brick?

Part 4.

  1. What type of work did Mr. Abell complete for Mr. Fitch?

  2. What were the wages earned by Mr. Abell from Mr.Fitch in January, 1849? If this work was done in ten hour days, what was Mr. Abell wage per hour?

  3. Mr. Fitch owed Mr. Abell 60.95 for 48 3/4 days work on September 8. What was Mr. Abell's hourly wages based on a ten hour day?

  4. Mr. Fitch did not pay Mr. Abell with cash? How did he pay him?

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