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Lesson 12

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Charter Officers for the Year 1846 - City of Cleveland




First Ward -- L.M. Hubby
Second Ward -- John M.Gorham
Third Ward -- J. A. Harris


First Ward -- E.S. J. Bemis, J.F. Chamberlin, John Gill
Second Ward -- J. A. Wheeler, W. Case, W. Bingham
Third Ward -- M. Carson, W.V. Adams, L.L. Lyon
Treasurer -- M.M. Spangler
Marshall -- Seth A. Abbey
Deputy Marshall -- Thomas McKinstry
President of Council -- L. M. Hubby
City Clerk -- Madison Kelley
Street Supervisor -- William R. Richardson
Harbor Master -- Clifford Belden
City Sexton -- James A. Craw
Market Clerk -- Frederick Whitehead
Sealer of Weights and Measures -- Fred'k Whitehead
Inspector of Coal and Lumber -- Alexander V. Davies


Judiciary -- Case, Harris and Wheeler
Claims -- Bemis, Carson, and Bingham
Finance -- Bingham, Hubby, and Case
Schools -- Harris Gill, and Chamberlin
Markets -- Gill, Lyon and Gorham
Fire and Water -- Gorham, Chamberlin, and Carson
Streets -- Wheeler, Adams, and Hubby
Harbors, Wharves, and Public Grounds -- Hubby, Lyon and Wheeler

Board of School Managers

Charles Bradburn, T.P. Handy, Samuel Starkweather, and William Day.
School Managers: Charles Bradbury , Acting Manager

Cleveland City Directory, 1846

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