Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 10

Handout 4 - Fire Alert

FIRE ALERT--The Giraffe Grocery and Provision on Superior street, occupied by Messrs GRUNDY &DAVIS, was discovered to be on fire about 12 o'clock Wednesday night. Happily it was soon extinguished, with but a trifling loss. There is some mystery connected with the origin of the fire, and some are disposed to think the work of incendiaries. We are satisfied from an examination of the premises and a statement of the circumstances that rats and locofoco matches were the incendiaries. The early discovery of the fire not only prevented considerable loss of property but probably of life, as a keg partly filled with powder was considerably charred by the flames, and the upper portion of the building was occupied by families. The occurrence should warn all to be more careful in securing bath powder and matches.

from The Cleveland Herald, 1846

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