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Lesson 10

Handout 1

Officers of the Fire Department -- 1846

A.S. Sanford, Chief Engineer
W.E. Lawrence, First Assistant Engineer
James Barrett, Second Assistant Engineer

Eagle Fire Company, No 1.

J.A. Vinall, Foreman
James Wright, Assistant Foreman
John Seall, Secretary
M.M. Spangler, Treasurer

Neptune Fire Company, No. 2

Charles Reed, Foreman
Patrick McCann, Assistant Foreman
Francis Marble, Secretary
James Gayton, Treasurer

Phoenix Fire Company, No. 4

T.C. Floyd, Foreman
S.S. Lyon, Assistant Foreman
Jabez Fitch, Secretary
Wm. H. Hayward, Treasurer

Cataract Fire Company, No. 5

David Whitehead, Foreman
James Lloyd, Assistant Foreman
_____Rhoads, Secretary
Frederick Whitehead, Treasurer

Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1

Wm. McGaughy, Foreman
Walter Dagleish, Assistant Foreman
John Proudfoot, Secretary
David Dean, Treasurer

from The Cleveland City Directory, 1846-47

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