Teaching Cleveland
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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 4

Looking Back: A History is Recorded


To make students aware of the writing of Cleveland's early history during the mid-nineteenth century and to evaluate selected historical sources used in writing those histories.



brogans, Manitou, rod, jerked venison, pomatum, trough, lighter, quelled, under-shot wheel


  1. From where did the information used in writing histories of the early settlement come during the mid-nineteenth century?
  2. How does an historian evaluate the value of an historical record?


Have the students read the two accounts of Cleveland's early settlement and then complete the questions for discussion below.

  1. What qualified Alonzo Carter and Gilman Bryant to write accounts of Cleveland's early settlement?
  2. Of how much value would these two accounts be to an historian? Why?
  3. Which subjects were discussed by both writers?
  4. Which writer gives a better picture of town life? Why?
  5. What do you learn about the relationship between the early settlers and the Indians from the readings?

Have students write a recollection of an event in their past. Stress the need to include detail and information that another person might not be aware of. Have the students compare what they write to the writings of Gilman Bryant and Alonzo Carter.

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