Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 1

Handout 3 - Letter to the Six Nations

Canandaigua May 29th 1796

Friends and Brothers of the Six Nations at Buffalo Creek. I am the head Man from the East and now with my Brethren am going on to the West to Settle Lands on the South side of Lake Erie I and my Brethren who have purchased these Lands, and those with me are your Friends and are willing to embrase an opportunaty to explain to you and right both Governments and Minds And also to convince you that We mean to treat you as Friends and Brothers and act honestly & honourably with you and meet each other as Friends & Brothers and shall not go any farther than what the President & Government of the United States approve. I have come a great distance and now waiting at great expence and wish an Answer from you and tell me when I shall meet you at Buffalo creek and talk with you I beg of you to hasten and be quick as possible.

I am Your Friend & Brother

Moses Cleaveland

To Sachems &
Chiefs of the Six Nations

from MSS 1, WRHS.

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