Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 1

Handout 2 - Instructions of the Directors to Their Agent

To MOSES CLEAVELAND, Esq. of the county of Windham, and state of Connecticut, one of the Directors of the Connecticut Land Company,


We, the Board of Directors of said Connecticut Land Company, having appointed you to go to said land, as Superintendent over the agents and men, sent on to survey and make locations on said land, to make, and enter into friendly negotiations with the natives who are on said land, or contiguous thereto, and may have any pretended claim to the same, and secure such friendly intercourse amongst them as will establish peace, quiet, and safety to the survey and settlement of said lands not ceded by the natives under the authority of the United States. You are hereby, for the foregoing purposes, fully authorized and empowered to act, and transact all the above business, in as full and ample a manner as we ourselves could do, to make contracts in the foregoing matters in our behalf and stead; and make such drafts on our Treasury, as may be necessary to accomplish the foregoing object of your appointment. And all agents and men by us employed, and sent on to survey and settle said land, to be obedient to such orders and directions as we may, from time to time, give you, and to do and act in all matters according to your best skill and judgment, which may tend to the best interest, prosperity, and success of said Connecticut Land Company. Having more particularly for your guide the Articles of Association entered into and signed by the individuals of said Company.

Signed by the Directors

from the Papers of the Connecticut Land Company, MSS1, WRHS

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