Teaching Cleveland
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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 1

Moses Cleaveland: Mapping the Reserve


Acquaint the student with the part Moses Cleaveland played in the mapping and settlement of Cleveland. To discuss the relationship between Native Americans and Moses

Cleaveland as the agent of the Connecticut Land Company.



bowsprit, indolence, grog, federal salute, Six Nations, wampum


  1. What were the expectations of the Connecticut Land Company with regard to Moses Cleaveland's expedition to the Western Reserve? Describe the relationship between Native Americans of the area of the Western Reserve and Moses Cleaveland as an agent of the Connecticut Land Company.


  1. Note: What seem to be misspellings in the readings are actual spellings. Standardized spelling did not become common in the United States until after the publication of Noah Webster's Dictionary. Many people spelled words as they sounded and there was no right" way to spell words.
  2. Have students read the material contained in the handouts and then have them complete the questions for discussion which follow.
    a. Why do you think it was so important for the members of the surveying party to celebrate the 4th of July?
    b. How did Cleaveland regard the speeches of the Massagoes? Why do you think he had this attitude?
    c. How did Cleaveland react to the request by the Massagoes for more gifts? Why do you think he did so?
    d. How did the Massagoes react to Moses Cleaveland cautions against indolence and drunkenness? Why?
    e. What were the expectations of the Connecticut Land Company about the duties of Moses Cleaveland?
    f. What was the reason Moses Cleaveland wanted to met with the chiefs and sachems of the Six Nations?
    g. How do you think this meeting helped Moses Cleaveland complete his mission?
    h. What characteristics do you think it would have been important for the leader of an expedition like the surveying party to have?
    i. Why do you think the directors chose Moses Cleaveland as their expedition leader?
    j. What leadership skills did Moses Cleaveland have to exhibit in order to keep the surveying party together and working?

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