Teaching Cleveland -- Teacher's Resource Guide

Teacher's Resource Guide

The majority of the research for the development of the "Teaching Cleveland" lessons was done through the aid and resources of the Western Reserve Historical Society, the Cleveland Public Library, and the Cuyahoga County Public Library. This guide reflects a selection of books, available at one or more of the institutions listed, concerning either a general overview of Cleveland's historical past or a particular aspect of the history that was emphasized in the lesson plans.

There is a plethora of primary sources, secondary books and other materials available on Cleveland history. This compilation is by no means intended to be a compete list of printed materials. Rather, it is a selected representation of primarily secondary source books that are both informative and user friendly. If a teacher would like to augment the provided lesson plans with additional information, these sources should be able to provide the necessary data.

The resources have been listed according to topic. The list also reflects an array of materials dating from Cleveland's earliest years until the present which is helpful not only for providing a glimpse of life in Cleveland over the past two hundred years but to also show how Clevelanders' view of history has changed as time evolves.

The Western Reserve

  • Bloch and Co. History of the Western Reserve and Cleveland. 1963.
  • Hatcher, Harlan. The Western Reserve: The Story of New Connecticut in Ohio. 1949.
  • Upton, Harriet Taylor. History of the Western Reserve (Three Vol.). 1910
  • Women's Department of the Cleveland Centennial Commission. Album of the Western Reserve Centennial.

General Cleveland Histories

  • Avery, Elroy McKendree. A History of Cleveland and Its Environs, The Heart of New Connecticut (Three Vol.). 1918.
  • Bar, John. Cleveland, Its Rise, Growth and Present Condition. 1845
  • Campbell, Thomas F. and Miggins, Edward M., editors. The Birth of Modern Cleveland, 1865-1930. 1988.
  • Chapman, Edmund H. Cleveland: Village to Metropolis; A Case Study of Problems of Urban Development in the Nineteenth Century America. 1964, 1981.
  • The Cleveland Press. The Cleveland Press: 1878-1978; A Front Page from Each of the 100 Years That We Have Served Our Readers. 1978
  • Condon, George E. Cleveland; The Best Kept Secret. 1967.
  • Cragg, Perry. This is Cleveland: Cleveland Sesquicentennial, 1796-1946. 1946.
  • Herrick, Clay. Cleveland's Rich Heritage. 1975.
  • Howe, Henry. Historical Collections of Ohio. 1847. Revised numerous times, including 1896.
  • Jedick, Peter. Cleveland, Where the East Coast Meets the Midwest. 1980
  • Kennedy, James H. Ahistory of the City of Cleveland: Its Settlement, Rise and Progress, 1796-1896. 1896.
  • McTighe, Michael J. A Measure of Success: Protestants and Public Culture in Antebellum Cleveland. 1994
  • Miller, Carol Poh and Wheeler, Robert. Cleveland: A Concise History. 1990
  • Orth, Samuel P. History of Cleveland (Three Vol.). 1910
  • Rose, William Ganson. Cleveland: The Making of a City. 1950.
  • Van Tassel, David D. and Grabowski, John J., editors. Cleveland: A Tradition of Reform. 1986.
  • Van Tassel, David D. and Grabowski, John J. The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. 1987.
  • Western Reserve Historical Society Tracts. Tracts 1-110 printed between 1870 and 1929 including primary source material on the early settlement of Cleveland.
  • Whittlesey, Col. Charles. Early History of Cleveland, Ohio, Including Original Papers and Other Matters Relating to the Adjacent Country, With Biographical Notices of the Pioneers and Surveyors. 1896.
  • Wilson, Ella G. Famous Old Euclid Avenue of Cleveland. 1932, 1937.
  • "The Worlds" History of Cleveland: Commemorating the City's Centennial Anniversary. 1896

Walking Guides

  • Cameron, Patience. Cleveland on Foot: A Guide to Walking and Hiking in Cleveland and Vicinity. 1992.
  • Lawrence, Ann t. and Schattinger, Joan. Cleveland's Flats on Tour: A Self Guide to the Riverfront. 1987
  • Springstubb, Tricia. Cleveland for Kids; "Let's Have Fun" Guide to Cultural Cleveland.

Ethnic History

  • Brown, George W. "The History of the Negro in Cleveland from 1800 to 1900." Ph.D. Dissertation. 1934.
  • Callahan, Nelson J. and Kickey, William F. Irish Americans and Their Communities in Cleveland. 1978.
  • Cole, Allen E. "Somebody, Somewhere, Wants Your Photograph": A Selection From the Wrok of Allen E. Cole (1893-1970), Photographer of Cleveland's Black Community. 1980.
  • Irwin, Charles W. "Irishtown Bend: A Study of Movement Patterns of Irish and Hungarian Immigrants from 1880 to 1900." Master's Thesis, 1989.
  • Kusmer, Kenneth L. A Ghetto Takes Shape Black Cleveland, 1870-1930. 1976.
  • Levy, Donald. A Report on the Location of Ethnic Groups in Greater Cleveland. 1976
  • Megles, Susi; Stolarik, Mark; and Tybor, Martina. Slovak American and Their Communities of Cleveland. 1978.
  • Mueller, Jakob. Memoirs of a Forty-Eighter: Sketches from the German-American Period of Storm and Stress of the 1850s. 1896.

Architecture (Buildings and Bridges)

  • American Institute of Architects, Cleveland Chapter. Guide to Cleveland Architecture. 1991.
  • Armstrong, Foster; Klein, Richard; and Armstrong, Cara. A Guide to Clevelands Sacred Landmarkes. 1992.
  • Bridges of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. 1918
  • Campen, Richard. The Architecture of the Western Reserve, 1800-1900. 1971.
  • Cigliano, Jan. Showplace of America: 1850-1910. 1991.
  • Cleveland Leader. The Viaduct: The East and West Sides Are Bound Together By Spans of Iron and Stone. 1916.
  • Collins, French. Origin and History of the Cleveland Viaduct. 1878.
  • Johanneson, Eric. Cleveland Architecture, 1876-1976. 1979.
  • Liederbach, Robert J. Cleveland Past: With Notes. 1975.
  • Schofield, Mary Peale. Landmark Architecture of Cleveland. 1976.
  • Watson, Sara Ruth and Wolf, John R. Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland. 1981.

Sports, Entertainment, and the Arts

  • Amusement Park Books, Inc. Euclid Beach Park Is Closed for the Season. 1977.
  • Euclid Beach Park - A Second Look. 1979
  • Hetrick, J. Thomas. Misfits! The Cleveland Spiders in 1899: A Day-by-Day Narrative of Baseball Futility. 1991
  • Kennedy, Kathleen. Playhouse Square: Cleveland, Ohio. 1975.
  • Phillips, John. The 1947 Indians. 1994
  • Phillips, John. The 1895 Cleveland Spiders: Temple Cup Champions. 1990.
  • Torry, Jack. Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians. 1995.

Street Cars/Railroads

  • Christiansen, Harry. Trolley Trails Through Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio (Two Vol.). 1975.
  • Morse, Kenneth S. A History of Cleveland Street Cars (Two Vol.). 1955
  • Rogers, A. C. "Hasten at Leisure"; the Cleveland Electric Railway Company. 1902.
  • Whitworth Brothers. Patented Street Directory and Electric Railway Guide of Cleveland and the Suburbs. 1905.

Business and Industry

  • Cleveland Worsted Mill company. The Clothing of the People. 1922
  • Hatcher, Harlan. A Century of Iron and Men, The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company. 1950.
  • Pendry, William. History of the Cleveland District of the American Steel and Wire company. 1936.
  • Shaw, Archer Hayes. The Plain Dealer; One Hundred Years in Cleveland. 1942.

Education and Youth

  • Akers, William J. Cleveland Schools in the Nineteenth Century. 1901.
  • Freese, Andrew. Early History of the Cleveland Public Schools. 1876.
  • Whipple, James. "Cleveland in Conflict: A Study in Urban Adolescence, 1876-1900." Master's Thesis, 1954.


  • Speir, F. Leslie. Cleveland: Our Community and Its Government. 1941.


  • Green, Howard Whipple. Relation of the "Central Area" to the Entire City (Three Vol.). 1944.
  • Gould, william and Associates. Cleveland Warehouse District Plan. 1977.
  • Hiram House Social Settlement. Pioneering on Social Frontiers 1896-1936. 1937.
  • May Dugan Center. Whatever Happened to the "Paper Rex" Man: and Other Stories of Cleveland's Near West Side, 20th Century. 1933.


(Published by the Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Heritage Program. Available on cassette.)

  • Ceasar, Richard. Interview, Central/Woodland, Adelstein Drug Store.
  • Greenway, Betty. Interview, Ohio City.
  • Howe, Edgar. Interview, Ohio City.
  • Lee, Harry C. Interview, Central/Woodland.

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