Teaching Cleveland
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Elementary School Edition: K-5

Lesson 28

A Tour of Cleveland


Students will plan an imaginary trip around the city of Cleveland. They will become familiar with Cleveland and its many places of interest by designing a tour of attractions, recreational facilities, and historic sites.


  • Tourist information packet
  • City of Cleveland Map
  • Other sources - AAA booklets, pamphlets, brochures gathered by teacher and students


  1. What sites, events, and attractions would tourists enjoy visiting in Cleveland?


Divide students into cooperative teams. Announce that they have just been hired by the city of Cleveland to design a packet of information to send to people who are interested in visiting Cleveland. Each team is to create:

  1. A letter of "Welcome to Cleveland" that will accompany the packet.
  2. A tour of Cleveland that will include 6 sites, including a brief description of the site and admission costs (if applicable).
  3. An itinerary of the tour that will include a schedule and directions to each site. This will be listed in the order of visits, so they will need to give directions from site to site as they move through the tour.
  4. A brochure of Cleveland. This will be a tri-folded brochure made from an 81/2 by 11 sheet of paper and designed in color.

Encourage students to be creative, not only with their designs and tours, but they could even name their company and design a logo. Each group could also make a "sales presentation" to the Mayor of Cleveland (the teacher or principal).

Students will use the information provided in the Cleveland Packet in the Classroom Discovery Kits as well as other information they would bring from home -- AAA books, pamphlets and brochures from visits they may have made. Ask students to begin looking for these items a week or so before the project and to begin bringing them in. This could also be a research and letter writing activity for students requesting information before the project begins.

Create a classroom display or school display with the tourist packets created by the students.

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