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Lesson 22

ELECTRICAL LIVING - New Devices Lessen Toils of Housewives

by J. E. North, The Clevelander, Vol. 20, March 1946

The four C's of electrical living--comfort, convenience, cleanliness, and cheerfulness--will be shown through demonstration and display of electrical equipment at the Greater Cleveland Home and Flower Show. Visitors will have an opportunity to see automatic home laundries, all-electric workless kitchens, air conditioning equipment, and the new and improved electrical appliances soon to be available for Greater Cleveland homemakers.

The all-electric workless kitchen, a feature of the model home in the Main area as well as an important part of the exhibits, will delight the heart of the homemaker. She will see the push of a button pre-rinse, wash, and again rinse cycles in water so hot that dishes dry in a very short time. The man about the house will feel "this is for me" when he remembers how often his evening has been interrupted with the unpleasant drying job.

The garbage disposer unit, a part of the electric sink along with the dishwasher, emphasizes convenience. It does away with hazardous backyard trips and seeping bags of refuse.

Home freezers, that promise to take the place of the can opener, are a feature of electrical exhibits that visitors will not want to miss. The possibilities for preserving food are almost unlimited with this up and coming friend of the family. Refrigerators that incorporate a freezing unit in their mechanism, as well as individual home freezers, also will be an item the thoughtful homemaker will analyze carefully.

Homemakers who gaze at the new electric ranges at the show will see leisure taking over a part of their crowded hours when they learn about the possibilities presented by the range's automatic clock. This magic-minded clock will turn the range "on" and "off" without the aid of the homemaker's hand so the cook can forget about that dinner in the oven without fear of its being overdone.

Every woman who sees the show will realize that she can say "boo" to old-fashioned washday toil after she sees the automatic washer, the electric clothes dryer, and learns about the assembly-line laundry arrangement. The new washers which perform the complete clothes-cleaning cycle of washing, rinsing, and damp-drying at the push of a button take the "blue" out of Monday. The clothes dryer, newest innovation in laundry equipment, dries clothes quickly leaving them fluffy and sweet-smelling.

"And to think I worry about rain or shine on washday!" will be the feeling of the laundress of the family when she sees the clothes dryer demonstration. She'll enjoy, too, seeing the electric water heater which insures an abundant supply of hot water at all times and means "no snags" in washday plans through lack of sufficient hot water......

Air conditioning equipment that means balmy spring indoors all-year-round will be demonstrated at several exhibits. The practical application of the comparatively new science of air conditioning puts moisture back in the dry winter indoor air and so takes the squeak out of doors, the brittleness out of bookbindings, and --yes--colds out of heads.

Mr. Homemaker will feel antedated if he is still playing furnaceman after viewing the ease with which the automatic stoker feeds the furnace. He will think about adding it to his heating equipment along with a blower-filter unit that circulates the air and catches the impurities in it. According to a recent newspaper article, Cleveland has 56.77 tons of air pollution per square mile. A filter which has been used for a season will be on display at the show so that guests can see how much impurity never reaches the air circulating in the home when a filter is used.

Small electrical appliances which help so much to bring the four C's of modern living within the scope of everyone, will play a part in the show. One of the newest appliances shown will be an electrical blanket that provides steady, even, controlled heat for the sleeper. With one blanket sleeping comfort is provided no matter what the season or weather may be.

Ironers, irons, vacuum cleaners, toasters, mixers, waffle irons, grills, and electric coffee makers, all in the newest shapes and incorporating the newest ideas will speak to the Home and Flower Show visitors of comfort, convenience, cleanliness, and cheerfulness.

Do you feel that you are missing something that electrical living can provide for you? After seeing the Home and Flower Show, you will know that today Greater Clevelanders can live electrically in the truly modern manner and live better for less.

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