Teaching Cleveland
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Elementary School Edition: K-5

Lesson 21

Collect Them All


To provide students with the opportunity to create their own baseball trading cards.



  • Denton "Cy" Young
  • Louis Soxalexis
  • Jesse "Crab"Burkett
  • trading cards


  1. How were trading cards distributed in 1896?


  1. Have the students examine the copies of early trading cards. Compare the earlier cards with baseball cards today.

    Ask the students if they can think of how these cards would have been distributed. (They were usually given away as part of a cigarette or chewing tobacco package, and adults as well as children collected them. Sometimes entertainment, as well as sports figures were pictured on the cards.)

    Have the students design a trading card of their own. Students should put the vital statistics for the person for whom they have designed the trading card on the reverse side. They might use themselves or a current sports figure as a model for the card.

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