Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 14



Look up the number you want before calling the exchange.

If name of exchange is printed, give name and number, the name always first, thus

"Doan 484."

Call the exchange by giving two or three rapid turns of the crank, take telephone off hook at once and listen, responding promptly to operator's request for "Number?"

Give figures of number separately, thus: for 533 say, five-three-three, making special effort to speak distinctly, directly into, and close up to, the transmitter.

Ring off when through talking by giving one full, sharp turn of the crank - both subscribers should ring off.

After giving number to the operator keep the telephone to your ear until number called for answers, or you are told "line is busy," or, "they don't answer."

Limit conversation with operators to giving number wanted, and correcting, should it be repeated back wrong.

Report all line and instrument trouble to No. 42, and all apparent inattention on the part of the exchange to No. 20. If not remedied promptly, report by letter to The Cleveland Telephone Co., 316 Seneca St.

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