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In planning a children's party, particularly one given during the holiday season, the hostess makes a mistake who attempts anything elaborate. Parties that demand a fancy dress for each guest involve much labor and often considerable expense to the mothers of those invited and except for the children of the rich are not likely to be a success. A simple gathering with jolly games is much more likely to be enjoyed by all concerned.

To make such a party a pleasure long to be remembered, it must savor of a grown-up affair and not a whit less dignified in the matter of its invitations and the reception given its guests. To afford ample time to get ready, as well as to enjoy the event in prospect, the invitations should be sent out at least a week or ten days in advance. If the party is to celebrate the birthday of a young hostess, the invitation may read:

Marion Brown
requests the pleasure of
Harold Lee's
company on Saturday afternoon, January ninth,
from four until seven o'clock.
2020 Walnut Street

1891 - 189

For the wee child the invitation may read:

My mama wishes to know if your mama will let
you come to my birthday party on Saturday afternoon,
January ninth, from four until six o'clock.
Eula Brown

2020 Walnut Street
1893 - 1896

For a party not a birthday origin, the invitation reads quite like those for older quests:

Miss Carolyn White
requests the pleasure of
Miss Florence Smith's
Company on Saturday evening, January ninth,
from eight until ten o'clock.

2020 Walnut Street.

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