Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 8


1. In 4 bags were different pieces of money to the value of 500 dollars; in the first was 96 dollars, in the second 120 dollars, in the third 55 dollars; what sum did the fourth contain?

2. Four men bought a lot of land for 1265 dollars, the first man paid 243 dollars, the second man 61 dollars more than the first, and the third 79 dollars less than the second; how much did the fourth pay?

3. Out of an army of 57068 men, 9503 are killed in battle, 586 desert to the enemy, 4794 are taken prisoners, 1234 die of their wounds on the passage home, 850 are drowned; how many return alive to their country?

4. If the earth in her annual revolution moves 68000 miles in an hour, what distance will she move in 24 hours?

5. In a certain building there are 72 rooms, in each room there are 4 windows, and in each window 24 lights; how many lights are there in the house?

6. A man spends 99 cents a day; how many cents does he spend in 49 years, each consisting of 365 days?

7. How many acres of land, at 15 dollars an acre can be bought for 3465 dollars?

8. If a man travel 26 miles a day, in how many days will he perform a journey of 364 miles?

9. Fifty-nine horses were sold for 4602 dollars; what was the average price of each?

10. There are 63 gallons in one hogshead, how many hogsheads are there in 14868 gallons?

Ray's Arithmetic -- Part Third

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