Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 6


Directions for "Buzzer Button"

In the days of the early Reserve children had very few toys and they made playthings out of what was available. One of the favorite items was a button. To make a buzzer you need a large button and a piece of string about three feet long. Thread the string through one hole of the button and back through the opposite hole. In the case of a 4-hole button, use holes on an angle from each other. Tie a knot in the string.

Now hold the string in both hands, button in the center and begin twirling the button in a wide circle. As the twisting gets tighter begin pulling the string tightly. This should make the button spin faster. Let it loosen and tighten again. Each time it is pulled it should not only spin faster but make a buzzing sound.


Directions for "Cup and Ball"

Take the styrofom cup and punch the clothes pin through the bottom of the cup so that only the prongs protrude. (This will form the handle) Tie a length of string approximately 1 foot long to the protruding end of the clothes pin nearest to the cup. Tie 4 lifesavers to the end of the string. This should be sufficient weight to act as the "ball."

Discovery: A Teacher's Guide to Regional History
Timothy H. Barrett, Editor
The Western Reserve Historical Society, 1987

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