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There are a variety of local agencies that help promote and maintain the social welfare of our neighborhood. This section presents an inventory of agencies that provide an array of services for children, adults and seniors and help solve problems in housing, employment and health.

Merrick House
1050 Starkweather Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44113

Serving the needs of low-income residents. Services include emergency food and clothing, child care, education, transportation, family assistance and addiction counseling, to name a few. For a history of Merrick House, see the following website:

Grace Hospital
2307 W. 14 Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44113

Tremont Health Center
2358 Professor
Cleveland, Ohio  44113

Tremont West Development Center
2406 Professor Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
Check out the grassroots efforts and services provided by the development corporation at:

Click here for information on other Social Services organizations.


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