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This section of the website tells you about the Tremont neighborhood, which is in Wards 13 and 14 in the City of Cleveland. It highlights the neighborhood's diversity, ethnic traditions, and commitment to the community.

Community Involvement
For an up to date list of block clubs in Tremont, see Tremont West Development Corp.

Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman
(216) 664-2691

Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins
(216) 664-4238

Jefferson Branch of the Cleveland Public Library
850 Jefferson Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
Library website:

Ethnic Groups
Ukrainian Museum Archives
1202 Kenilworth Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44113

The Ukrainian Museum Archives, located in the heart of Tremont, has been an integral part of the Ukrainian-American community in Cleveland for more than 50 years. It serves as a historical record for events in the Ukrainian-American community. The museum, at 1202 Kenilworth Ave., contains numerous Ukrainian artifacts and records detailing the migration of the Ukrainian people to Cleveland beginning around 1900. Visit the Ukrainian Museum Archives website for more information:

Polish Legion of American Veterans
2442 Professor
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
Contact: Taras Zacharyj

Other Useful Tremont Sites:

Promoting a wireless neighborhood in Tremont:

The National Park Service provides an itinerary for the Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor at its website:

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