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Tremont has undergone a renaissance and the Tremont West Development Corporation is aware of and overseeing much of the progress.

Tremont West Development Corp.
2190 Professor Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
(216) 575-0920

Tremont West Development Corporation works with the city to preserve and maintain the neighborhood, build community support and manage or oversee a variety of programs. In other words, if something is going on in Tremont and you don’t know whom to ask, call them first. One of their development programs spruces up commercial enterprises. The Storefront Renovation Program uses federal funds to preserve some of the older, classic buildings in Tremont. It is available to all commercial properties in Tremont in either low-interest loan or rebate form. The funds cover paint, signs, repairs and other items that revitalize the buildings. Contact Walter Wright for more information.

Progressive Urban Real Estate, Inc.
4001 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
(216) 619-9696
Contact: Dave Sharkey, Vice President

One of the first real estate companies to handle urban dwellings, Progressive markets rehabs, converted condos, such as Lemko Hall, a converted bathhouse, and new townhouse developments throughout the neighborhood.

For more information, visit the
Progressive Urban website.

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