Ethnic / Nationality

International Services Center
1836 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Provides services and referrals to Northeast Ohio immigrants and refugees. Interpretive services
are offered 24 hours a day by the Language Bank Service.


Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Ohio
11555 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Provides assistance with filling out forms, language translation, information and referrals, tutoring,
voter registration, English as a second language classes, and meets economic, social, and cultural needs.

Hispanic / Latino

Casa Alma
3387 Fulton Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

45 day residential substance abuse center targeting Hispanic males.

El Barrio Incorporated
5209 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102

Provides food, shelter, clothing, furniture, financial assistance, English as a second language, job placements,
after school programs, GED classes, tutors, and summer programs (academic & sports).

3104 W. 25th St. 4th floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Provides scholarship assistance to promote and motivate academic achievement.

Hispanic Business & Community Development Association
4115 Bridge Avenue #206, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Assists Hispanics with buying homes or properties to start a business. Offers home buyers counseling,
assistance with getting low-interest home repair loans, and promotes the following City sponsored programs:
Cleveland Action to Support Housing, Repair a Home, Home Weatherization Assistance Program,
Paint Refund Program, and Senior Homeowners Assistance Program.

Hispanic Senior Center of Cleveland, Inc.
7800 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Offers a place where older Hispanics can come for social services, recreation, and socialization. Bilingual
assistance is offered to people with language barriers so that they may have equal access to services that are available.

HUMADAOP (Hispanic Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program)
3305 W. 25 Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Bilingual and Multi cultural services addressing AIDS/HIV and chemical dependency.

Spanish-American Committee
4407 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Offers information and referrals, crisis intervention, employment assistance, educational programs,
preschool day care, and advocacy on behalf of Hispanic issues.

Native American

American Indian Education Center
1700 Denison, Suite 102
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Works to strengthen and protect Native American values, ceremonies and traditions, and philosophies.
Educates the public about Native American culture and history.


Vietnamese Community in Greater Cleveland
6516 Detroit Avenue, #2, Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Assists Indochinese and other Asian ethnic group. Provides employment assistance and placements,
family life advocacy, community education, child welfare, elderly programs, and interpretation and
translation for Vietnamese speaking persons.