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James A. Garfield, who later became the 20th president of the United States, served as pastor of Franklin Circle Christian Church in 1857.

James Ford Rhodes, who was the rare combination of millionaire businessman and Pulitzer Prize winning historian, was born and raised in Ohio City. His brother's Robert's house is a landmark at 2905 Franklin Boulevard.

A plaque from the Ohio Historical Society Bridge Avenue marks what is believed to be the birthplace of John Heisman, the innovative football coach. However, some historians contend that he was actually born a few blocks further to the west on the same street.

Plain Press--The Plain Press serves the Ohio City and other near west side neighborhoods, with offices in the United Bank building on the corner of W. 25th Street and Lorain Avenue.

Ohio City Argus--The Argus is part of the Observer group of community papers.


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