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This relatively small area contains several schools, the majority being affiliated with the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools district. See the district's website for information on specific schools.

East High School
1349 E. 79th St.

Martin Luther King High School
1651 E. 71st St.

Mary B. Martin Middle School (kindergarten through 8th grade)
8200 Brookline

Daniel E. Morgan K-8 School
8912 Morris Court

John W. Raper Elementary School
1601 East 85th St.

John D. Rockefeller Elementary
5901 Whittier Ave.

The Early Childhood Development Center@ Charles Orr
9711 Lamont Ave.

St. Thomas Aquinas
1230 Ansel Road, Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: 216-721-9002

St. Francis Elementary
7206 Myron, Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: 216-361-4858


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