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Detroit Avenue, the main artery running through Detroit-Shoreway, is the center of the shopping and dining for this neighborhood. Other nearby shopping areas include the string of antique shops on Lorain Avenue, and the West Side Market on W. 25th and Lorain.

Detroit Avenue

In addition to the Gordon Square area, Detroit Avenue is home to numerous shops, services and restaurants. Going west from the Ohio City border on the east are a variety of shops and services catering to neighborhood residents as well as visitors, including an office supplies store, conveinience stores, fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Mr. Hero, the Gordon Square complex, gift shops, auto parts, professional offices and a do-it-yourself car wash.

American Portfolios (6519 Detroit, 216-281-3200)
Angel's Printing (1400 W. 57th St., 216-631-5225, www.angelprinting.com)
A-List Resale & Emporium (7511 Detroit, 216-651-4703, www.anitrasart.com)
Big Egg
(5107 Detroit, 216-281-1600)

Breit's, Inc. (cabinets and counters, 5218 Detroit., 216-651-5800, www.breits.com)
Buehner's Office Supply (5818 Detroit, 216-651-6559, facebook page)
Chase bank (6610 Detroit, 216-651-2600, www.chase.com)
Detroit Studio (graphics firm, 6515 Detroit, 216-631-6655, www.thedetroitstudio.com)
Detroit-Shoreway Chiropractic (6508 Detroit, 216-334-1401)
Dale Serne Architects (6602 Detroit, 216-241-3339)
DuoHome (home decor, 6507 Detroit, 216-651-4411, www.duohome.com)
Family Dollar (7301 Detroit, 216-281-0885)
Gypsey Beans & Baking Co. (a coffee shop at 6425 Detroit, 216-939-9009, www.gypsybeans.com)
Lakefront Hardware and Paint (7427 Detroit, 216-961-4263).
Latitude 41 N (5712 Detroit, 216-961-000, www.eatatlatitude41n.com)
Minh-Anh Vietnamese Restaurant and Market (5428 Detroit, 216-961-9671,www.minh-anh.com)

Pioneer Savinigs Bank (6701 Detroit, 216-961-0422)
Save-a-Lot (grocery store, 5901 Detroit Ave., www.save-a-lot.com)
SP Leather
(6512/6702 Detroit, 216-631-8333, www.spleather.com)
Stockyards meats (6105 Detroit, 216-631-1414)
Suleyman's Market (5509 Detroit, 216-651-5330)
TurnStyle Boutique (6505 Detroit, 216-226-3266, www.turnstyle-boutique.com)

Lorain Avenue

Today the stretch of Lorain Avenue passing throught the Detroit-Shoreway area is home to many antiques shops as well as restaurants, Asian grocery stores, furniture stores, a post office branch, a credit union office, used automobile lots, a photographer, a service station and more.

Azucar Bakery (6516 Lorain, 216-281-7516)
Antique Emporium (7805 Lorain Ave., 216-651-5480)
Antique Gallery at the Bijou--home to 20 shops on two floors (7806 Lorain Ave.)
Century Antiques (7410 Lorain Ave., 216-281-9145, www.centuryantiquescleveland.com)
Lorainne Surgical Supply (2080 W. 65th St., 216-281-4777)
Menyhart Plumbing (6304 Lorain, 216-631-5519, www.menyhartplumbing.com)
Tend-R-Lean Steak Co. (7106 Lorain Ave., 216-961-3435)
Suite Lorain--a vintage department store containing 8,000 square feet of showroom with items from Deco to the 50's (7105 Lorain Ave., 216-281-1959)

W. 65th Street

Running north to south, West 65th Street also is puctuated by stores at several points, beginning with Gordon Square on the north, running past the RiteAid pharmacy at Franklin Avenue, to retail shops on Lorain Avenue, to the Stockyards neighborhood shopping center with Dollar Paradise (3230 W. 65th St., 216-961-9250) and other stores. Only a couple blocks off of West 65th Street is the Hilson Nut Co.--where customers can smell roasting nuts while making their purchases (3225 W. 71st Street, 961-4477, www.hillsonnut.com).


Avenue at Tower City
Public Square

Westown Square
West 110th and Lorain

Market Plaza
West 25th and Lorain

Westside Market

West 117th and Clifton


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