Cudell-West Boulevard

cudell2.gif (42986 bytes)The Cudell-West Boulevard area, located on Cleveland's west side, seamlessly blends business and industry with a traditional residential neighborhood.

The Cudell area's most prominent feature may be its huge factories, including such landmarks as the former chewing gum factory at 10307 Detroit Ave. and the former Winton auto plant at 10601 Berea Rd.

Another landmark, the Cudell clock tower (shown at right), serves as a memorial to Frank E. Cudell, the turn of the century German architect who the city is named after.

West Boulevard, one of Cleveland's most beautiful streets, runs through the heart of Cudell and the West Boulevard area.  The West Boulevard area features majestic, tree-lined lawns leading to classically constructed wooden and brick homes.

Further information on the Cudell-West Boulevard area can be found throughout this site.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay.

Updated September, 2011

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